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Home Remodeling Is One Of America’s Most Complained About Industries…

We Are Trying To Change That.

Contractor Standards Guide

We'll be the first ones to admit that not everyone who enters this industry will have your best interests at heart. The reality is that we have all heard about a friend, family or neighbor being burned by a less than reputable contractor.

Thankfully, we have companies that monitor home improvement contractors (like Home Advisor) and professional organizations (like National Association of Home Builders & National Association of The Remodeling Industry) that help monitor the industry and go a long way in helping you—the client—in recognizing true professionals. But a membership in these types of organizations is voluntary.

Since 1997 Quality Advantage Home Products has prided itself on outstanding customer service and making sure that our customers are completely satisfied. That’s why we have created our Contractor Standards Guide; it is the set of standards that we hold ourselves to, as well as some of the standards that we are held to by our membership organizations

Use this comprehensive guide—and the easy to use enclosed checklist—to interview and judge any contractor you are thinking of hiring… including us.

To get your complimentary, no strings attached copy of the Contractor Standards Guide, just click here.

Feel free to request a guide below for your use. Even if you choose not to do business with us, that’s ok. We know we may not be the perfect match for everyone. We just want to make sure that you at least have enough information in your hands to make an educated decision on who you hire and who you let into your home.

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