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Not All Bath Tubs Are Created Equal

Walk In Tubs and Showers

Most homeowners don’t really think about their bathtubs very much. Far too often, the first thought about their bathtubs comes only after a fall has occurred. In order to keep slips and falls to a minimum, you should consider a walk-in tub and shower.

Let Me Explain.

There are just too many problems with the present design of today’s bathtubs and showers.

First, these products are outdated, and they fail to meet the physical needs of the aging population. Adaptive fixtures and after-market equipment are simply "Band-Aid" solutions to complex problems not satisfied by conventional showers and tubs.

For example, the “clamp-on” assistance bar installed by most seniors to the outside wall of their tubs seems like a good idea, in theory. Unfortunately, in practice these after-market assistance bars contribute to many falls when they move just enough to set a fall into motion.

These devices highlight failures in conventional design and unresolved problems:

Second, bathtubs and showers are ability-specific products. They conform only to the functional capabilities and physical needs of young, able-bodied individuals, and place considerable physical and mental demands on the elderly and those with disabilities.

For example, the positioning of controls and accessories often requires standing, bending, gripping and a wide range of motion. Bathtubs and showers require good balance, flexibility and strength when you are actually using them, and when transferring in and out of them.

Third, the design of bathtub/showers does not reflect a lifespan perspective. Conceptually, as children, we begin to bathe on our own by the time we are 6 to 7 years old. We continue to do so as grownups until we are about 50-60 years old. Beyond this age, we begin to inherit equipment-related dependence, followed by people-oriented dependence, and finally dependence on both.

In short, "conventional" bathtubs and showers do not meet the changing needs of people. They are not responsive to adaptation as people's functional capabilities, and physical conditions undergo age-related changes. For example, when unable to stand and bathe, people sit down while bathing. This often takes the form of unstable and dangerous stools, benches, even plastic patio chairs, being placed in bathtubs or showers.

The loss of reach from a person’s restricted movement makes controls and accessories inaccessible. Thus, for much of their lives, people either bathe in unsafe conditions or they are dependent on assistance.

The only product on the market today that we know of that reduces or even eliminates these issues is a walk-in tub.

I firmly believe that the right walk-in tub offers the ability to practically remove this danger from the home and help improve the health of seniors.

Don’t trust your bathroom – or your ability to live independently – to anyone else. Call Quality Advantage Home Products today. We offer the best bathroom remodeling options in Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Hampton, VA or anywhere else for that matter.


Why You May Want A Walk-In Tub

In a recent study conducted at the Washington State University’s National Aquatics & Sports Medicine Institute the following effects were recorded. Here’s what happens to your body as you take a relaxing jetted bath (at approximately 102 degrees F):

All it takes is a matter of minutes for you to start reaping the benefits of hydrotherapy.