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We're Only Human & We Do (Sometimes) Make Mistakes…

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I am John Cambell, owner of Quality Advantage Home Products, and I wanted to take a moment to make a confession.

We're only human. And because we are only human, we do, on occasion, make mistakes. My crews are highly trained and highly experienced, so it doesn't happen very often, but it does happen.

But here is the fundamental difference between us and other bathroom remodeling companies in Virginia. Here at Quality Advantage we are locally owned and operated. That means you don't get a run-around, you don't get ignored, and you certainly don't get taken advantage of. You simply get your problem solved…PERIOD.

Because at Quality Advantage Home Products, if you ever have a problem, my staff is empowered to make it right for you. If they can’t resolve your problem, you call me, the owner.

Bottom Line: Don't trust your bathroom—or your wallet—to just anyone. Call Quality Advantage Home Products today. No one, and I mean no one, does more or does it better than we do. You won't just like your new bathroom…you'll love it. And that's a promise.