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Trust Us—A "Free Estimate" Is Never Free…

The Pennies You Think You Are Saving Today Will Cost You
A Fortune Tomorrow.

We Don't Do Estimates

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the most overused, overrated and purposely ambiguous sales tactic in the home construction and remodeling industry today is the "free" estimate. The reality: an estimate is not worth the paper it's printed on. By its’ very definition, it's an estimate of what your costs are going to be… not what the actual final costs are going to be.

Estimates in the home construction and remodeling industry are akin to Good Faith Estimates in the mortgage industry… the price you were quoted is almost NEVER the price you pay in the end.


There are entirely too many "unknowns" at the time an estimate is prepared. Let me give you a great example of what I'm talking about… light switches. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, what if I told you that at one "big box" retailer alone there were over 539 products to choose from? Something as simple as your choice of light switches can have a profound difference on your bottom line.

Case in point: I can write "replace light switches" on an estimate and quote you a price of $5.00 per light switch. Makes that particular line item really look cheap. It might actually even be true if you want an outdated, ugly, 15-amp single pole white toggle switch… you can pick those up at the big box retailer in bulk for about $0.67 each.

But what if after construction starts you realize those light switches look hideous in your newly remodeled bathroom that you just spent thousands of dollars remodeling. What if you want a single pole, extra wide, soft touch light switch, that's about $12.50… what if you want a larger watt multi-function light switch with fan control and dimmer capability? Well that can run you upwards of $50 a light switch. What if you want an ultra-cool, ultra- modern, custom color motion sensing light switch? That would run you about $70 per switch. Now multiply that number by the number of light switches you want to be changed.

So you want the light switches changed. GREAT! That's a change order… and it's going to cost you. That's why so many contractors love to "low-ball" those "Free" estimates, they know they can make their profit later with all the change orders you are going to want.

Again, the devil is in the details… that is why we take painstaking efforts to go through your remodel with a meticulous attention to detail—BEFORE installation ever starts. With Quality Advantage Home Products the price we quote is the price you pay. There are no surprises, no games, no gimmicks and certainly no "gotchas."

Bottom Line: Don't be fooled by cheaper prices. Know EXACTLY what you are getting right from the start. Don't trust your bathroom—or your wallet—to just anyone. Call Quality Advantage Home Products today. No one, and I mean no one, does more or does it better than we do. You won't just like your new bathroom…you'll love it. And that's a promise.