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Even The Best Products In The World Will Fail If They're Not Installed Correctly


At Quality Advantage Home Products We Have Over 100 Years of Combined Experience.

Did you know that many bathroom-remodeling contractors here in Hampton Roads, and just about anywhere else for that matter, ruthlessly cut their labor costs by hiring unskilled and untrained day laborers?

I know what you're thinking… who cares? Well, when it comes to remodeling bathrooms in Hampton Roads, VA, or anywhere else for that matter, experience counts. And here's why you should care—because experience is what saves you time, aggravation, and money…PERIOD.

Let me explain.

As you have probably already heard me say a hundred times before, bathrooms are complicated. So many things can go wrong. Less experienced crews that run into a problem that they haven't seen before will either wing it, do it wrong, or ignore it. Let me tell you a story that highlights my point.

We received a call from a wonderful elderly woman whose husband had passed away. Her husband had had the bath replaced with a walk-in-shower about 7 years prior, but she was starting to notice some warping and cracking, especially around the seams. She was worried about water damage and wanted us to come take a look.

Well, after doing some research and inspections, we realized that there were in fact a myriad of problems. First of all, they never bothered to check the bathroom ventilation. This was causing excessive moisture build up. This excessive moisture, over time, was eating away at the cheap caulking material they had used. They also failed to notice that the bathroom window had a westerly view and that the sun was beating on the shower for a good portion of the afternoons... which in the summers in Virginia can be especially brutal. All of which we had seen before in other homes. In fact, adequate and proper bathroom ventilation is one of the first things we look at.

Long and short of it: the moisture was causing problems in the winter and the sun was causing problems in the summer. This expansion and contraction was causing the seals and the shower to pull away from the wall. And she was right to be worried. There was some significant mold and mildew behind her shower.

A simple installation of a window blind, an upgrade and proper venting of the bathroom ventilation system, and the use of high quality 25 year caulking solved the problem. Of course, that was after we had to pull out the shower and clean up the mold and mildew… all of which could have been avoided with a proper install.

Bottom Line: There just is no replacement or substitute for hard-earned experience.

Don't trust your bathroom—or your wallet—to just anyone. Call Quality Advantage Home Products today. No one, and I mean no one, does more or does it better than we do. You won't just like your new bathroom…you'll love it. And that's a promise.